Say goodbye to undershirt outlines!

Have you ever been annoyed with how visible your undershirt can be against your skin? It screams, “Look at me!” in the worst possible way. You spent money on quality shirts to look your best. Yet, something isn’t quite right...

What if you could have an undershirt that blends in the background? Something that give you a more finished appearance.

Alex Holden Menswear was created for a community who is sick of the same old undershirt selections. It’s time those options were designed for YOU! We want to do our part in making that change happen.

An undershirt made for you!

Our shirts are made of 100% premium cotton that feels soft and comfortable against the skin. We offer light, medium and dark shades to suit a variety of customers.

Finally, no more distracting outline under your shirt!

Ace that interview!

Impress your date!

Nail that presentation!

All because you ooze confidence!

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